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Gerador de ASCII: Converter texto em texto ASCII (MINI)

A arte ASCII Generator converte seu texto em um logotipo elaborado de ASCII (Fonte: MINI)

Estilos de fonte:
swampland Super!889
starwars Super!805
Georgia11 Super!595
small Super!519
doom Super!418
alpha Super!394
big Super!350
banner3 Super!287
epic Super!251
banner4 Super!215
gothic Super!212
speed Super!210
ivrit Super!206
doh Super!196
standard Super!186
smkeyboard Super!173
alligator2 Super!161
dotmatrix Super!152
graffiti Super!114
eftifont Super!100
larry3d Super!93
sub-zero Super!87
contrast Super!84
chunky Super!79
kontoslant Super!74
fender Super!71
dosrebel Super!70
3-d Super!67
colossal Super!64
wow Super!64
shimrod Super!62
isometric3 Super!60
letters Super!58
linux Super!58
puffy Super!55
isometric4 Super!54
konto Super!54
slant Super!54
term Super!54
broadway Super!51
bubble Super!51
binary Super!50
decimal Super!49
morse Super!49
nancyj-fancy Super!49
threepoint Super!49
3x5 Super!46
banner Super!46
univers Super!46
fuzzy Super!45
henry3d Super!45
nancyj Super!45
pepper Super!45
runic Super!45
alphabet Super!44
ogre Super!44
eftitalic Super!42
isometric1 Super!42
jazmine Super!42
drpepper Super!41
graceful Super!41
o8 Super!41
wavy Super!41
B1FF Super!40
straight Super!40
tiles Super!40
bigchief Super!39
eftiwall Super!39
stampatello Super!39
amc3line Super!38
basic Super!38
crawford Super!38
cyberlarge Super!38
digital Super!38
jacky Super!38
mirror Super!38
banner3-D Super!37
cybersmall Super!37
eftipiti Super!37
ghost Super!37
goofy Super!37
italic Super!37
mini Super!37
thin Super!37
hex Super!36
peaks Super!36
script Super!36
serifcap Super!36
bright Super!35
bulbhead Super!35
greek Super!35
lildevil Super!35
mnemonic Super!35
octal Super!35
coinstak Super!34
isometric2 Super!34
rectangles Super!34
red_phoenix Super!34
4max Super!33
5lineoblique Super!33
amcthin Super!33
bell Super!33
pyramid Super!33
reverse Super!33
stellar Super!33
amcneko Super!32
caligraphy Super!32
computer Super!32
cybermedium Super!32
nancyj-improved Super!32
tinker-toy Super!32
wetletter Super!32
funfaces Super!31
lcd Super!31
marquee Super!31
s-relief Super!31
stampate Super!31
train Super!31
usaflag Super!31
barbwire Super!30
bigfig Super!30
block Super!30
kban Super!30
keyboard Super!30
oldbanner Super!30
smshadow Super!30
smslant Super!30
alligator Super!29
amcun1 Super!29
flowerpower Super!29
jerusalem Super!29
nancyj-underlined Super!29
rot13 Super!29
rowancap Super!29
santaclara Super!29
smallcaps Super!29
smisome1 Super!29
stop Super!29
tanja Super!29
varsity Super!29
amctubes Super!28
crazy Super!28
eftirobot Super!28
fourtops Super!28
georgi16 Super!28
invita Super!28
mike Super!28
shadow Super!28
soft Super!28
3d_diagonal Super!27
amcslash Super!27
ascii_new_roman Super!27
braced Super!27
cricket Super!27
dancingfont Super!27
double Super!27
heart_right Super!27
mshebrew210 Super!27
spliff Super!27
ticksslant Super!27
twopoint Super!27
weird Super!27
calgphy2 Super!26
eftiwater Super!26
fire_font-s Super!26
hieroglyphs Super!26
hollywood Super!26
lockergnome Super!26
morse2 Super!26
muzzle Super!26
roman Super!26
smscript Super!26
twisted Super!26
avatar Super!25
chiseled Super!25
merlin1 Super!25
os2 Super!25
slscript Super!25
amcslder Super!24
arrows Super!24
catwalk Super!24
gradient Super!24
ICL-1900 Super!24
lean Super!24
maxfour Super!24
modular Super!24
pebbles Super!24
rozzo Super!24
short Super!24
1row Super!23
amc3liv1 Super!23
contessa Super!23
defleppard Super!23
horizontalright Super!23
nipples Super!23
pawp Super!23
stforek Super!23
sweet Super!23
alligator3 Super!22
blocks Super!22
cosmic Super!22
diamond Super!22
eftichess Super!22
peaksslant Super!22
rotated Super!22
smpoison Super!22
whimsy Super!22
broadway_kb Super!21
DANC4 Super!21
fire_font-k Super!21
flipped Super!21
horizontalleft Super!21
rammstein Super!21
rounded Super!21
stacey Super!21
thick Super!21
tombstone Super!21
tubular Super!21
amcrazo2 Super!20
cola Super!20
cosmike Super!20
knob Super!20
moscow Super!20
nvscript Super!20
trek Super!20
acrobatic Super!19
bear Super!19
doubleshorts Super!19
dwhistled Super!19
filter Super!19
impossible Super!19
madrid Super!19
ntgreek Super!19
poison Super!19
relief2 Super!19
amcaaa01 Super!18
benjamin Super!18
heart_left Super!18
relief Super!18
slide Super!18
smtengwar Super!18
starstrips Super!18
amcrazor Super!17
cygnet Super!17
dietcola Super!17
ghoulish Super!17
lineblocks Super!17
nscript Super!17
sblood Super!17
swan Super!17
tsalagi Super!17
bolger Super!16
cards Super!16
fraktur Super!16
glenyn Super!16
katakana Super!16
merlin2 Super!16
puzzle Super!16
runyc Super!16
tengwar Super!16
test1 Super!16
funface Super!15
ticks Super!15
Estilo da fonte: mini
 |_)   _   o   _  ._   o   _   |  _|_   _       _|_ 
 |_)  (/_  |  _>  |_)  |  (/_  |   |_  (/_  ><   |_ 
Positivo37   Crítica negativa28

Informações para o estilo da fonte mini:
Mini by Glenn Chappell 4/93
Includes ISO Latin-1
figlet release 2.1 -- 12 Aug 1994
Permission is hereby given to modify this font, as long as the
modifier's name is placed on a comment line.

Modified by Paul Burton <> 12/96 to include new parameter
supported by FIGlet and FIGWin.  May also be slightly modified for better use
of new full-width/kern/smush alternatives, but default output is NOT changed.